I added the Google advertising this early on so it could get some decent indexing under its belt in the hopes that down the line it could be a small but reliable revenue stream (I am in this for the long haul, here, folks). Unfortunately I got an email today informing me my account had been disabled for “invalid click activity.” I dunno if some folks were overzealous in their efforts to support me and racked up way too many clicks per IP, or what, but this is a bit of a downer and baffling besides. The Google ads had already generated enough to more than cover some modest PW adverts; now they’re not even going to pay me what was purportedly owed.

I’ve appealed the suspension; keep your fingers crossed, I guess.

Meanwhile, I’ve swapped out the little Project Wonderful square for a skyscraper with a little more real estate … any takers? 🙂