Well. New website is here just in time to start posting book 13. The end. I intended to get this up about 18 months ago. I intended it to look better and do more. But wait; back up: I intended to put up a better site basically since the beginning. The beginning over a decade ago. And this is the farthest I’ve managed to get.

It is possible you dislike this new site! But! Give it a chance. It is more responsive, easier to work on, and friendlier to mobile devices if not strictly mobile-friendly. All your old comments are here, a database feat I had to get some outside help with as this is a fresh install of a slightly different platform on a new webhost. Every page of the comic has been reuploaded at a significantly higher resolution as well, for those of you who like to really scrutinize the deets.

And, hey, if you do dislike the new site, there’s always the NTO mirrors at Tapas and Webtoon.

Happy Halloween!