UPDATE: Since originally posting this Traildust has been handily unlocked, and all Patrons past, present and future can get their mitts on 74 pages of additional NTO sketches, doodles and conceptual materials, some possibly insightful, many probably hilarious.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Patreon, you might not have noticed it’s now at $210/month (at the time of this writing, anyway). That’s just $40 shy of the next milestone goal, which is pretty sweet. At $250/month all patrons (including you, if you kick in!) will receive Traildust, a new and pretty exhaustive (but spoiler-free) collection of NTO sketches and conceptual materials, 90% of which no one’s ever seen. This is a pretty swole tome, too: I haven’t even scanned half of what I aim to include in it and I’m over 40 pages of material already. Help me continue wedging the comic in alongside my hectic mom-life and get something nice for you and your fellow readers.

Support from people like you is the reason I’m able to keep doing this, and it is deeply appreciated.

Fondest regards.