While I talked privately to pals about this, I never publicly laid it out: I started posting Next Town Over here sort of for the hell of it while proposals circulated amongst publishers. I only got one bite: an offer to draw it as a webcomic pretty much as I am now, except they needed twice weekly and I’d be paid $150ish per page to draw it. This sounds pretty sweet on its face, but the catch was I’d be giving up 50% ownership of the IP. Even though I’d very much like for comics to become the lion’s share of my income, no amount of chewing quite got me comfy with swallowing that. I’m inordinately in love with Next Town Over.

Which brings us to now. I’m going it alone with a webcomic (again; a handful of people know me from the abysmally erratic Hell’s Corners), dependent on you folks for support. Which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m looking for donations (although I won’t object, for those willing & able!); this early on I need readers more than I need cash, and I learned the hard way with Hell’s Corners that folks weren’t just gonna magically show up and tell me what a swell job I was doing and the comic would succeed with no outreach. I’ve tried to make it real easy to share NTO via your preferred social network. Like a page? Tweet/Like/Digg it and help get more people here to check it out. I know, I know. You don’t want to embarrass yourself going out on a limb for [another] upstart webcomic. But it’s like the end of Ratatouille, right? ” … there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new.”

Now, on to the [near] future: if it wasn’t obvious the comic’s got a healthy buffer. Moreover, it’s really not conducive to being read a page every week and gets less so as it gets more actioney and less expositioney. But guess what: this ultimately comes together real nice for all of us. I’m about done drawing the first book; when I am I’ma offer a print version for sale. If you buy it, you’ll be reading it all in a big exciting clump, not only as intended but before everyone else … and incidentally helping me out with a little bit of a financial contribution. Everyone wins, even people who can’t swing buying the book, because the rest will still continue to appear here every week, free of charge. You’ll just be a little behind your more generous, affluent pals. But hey, no one’s judging. This economy’s a real pill.

Meanwhile, a big thank you for showing up, commenting, etc.; this great early feedback has really got me fired up to keep going on this. Thanks, everyone, and happy holidays.