The comic’s far enough along now where I can sporadically resume posting old sketches and conceptual snippets without major spoilers.

This week, an old sketch of Hunter and the Outlaw:

1500 lbs. of hate

Even in this blobby old speedpaint you can see I had something more stylized in mind initially for the look of the comic than what I ultimately went with (and the Outlaw’s brand is on his near side for some reason?) — you can also see I clearly recycled the pose in page 6 of the current chapter.

Still haven’t found the time to work on the new donor site, but! in addition to all the goodies previously discussed I was thinking donors of extraordinary generosity might also like to appear in the comic as bystanders? There’s always plenty of those in NTO. Would that interest anyone? And, if you’ve already donated $50 or more to me in the past and happen to be reading this please feel free to contact me if you’d be interested in collecting on this perk in chapter 4.