I never like getting overly personal in the comic blog, and I’m going to try my best to hedge any oversharing in this post, but the fact is you’re all owed an explanation of why I’ve been slipping this past month — and why I’ve missed another update so soon — and the only way to do that is via some personal detail.

A month ago we found out we were expecting a second child — very much against the odds and ahead of any schedule. Early pregnancy really takes it out of you, especially when also chasing around an 18 month old.  The timing was sort of not great in terms of getting the comic done, too, as I was trying to finish up some paid work in the blocks of time I usually squeak in the comic. Then, the toddler took a trip to the emergency room. Then to some specialists.

And then this week I had a miscarriage.

I don’t like the drama inherent in announcing this, and it is a topic both icky and uncomfortable, but there you go. It included a lot of doctor’s visits and a trip to the ER of my own, and it has been incredibly hard on me and my family physically and emotionally. I don’t feel up to drawing comics this week, I feel pretty justified in this, and I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks much for your support and understanding.

Best regards,