Just over a year ago, I wrote this somewhat ominous blog post and then never really followed it up except for a few sporadic and vague updates for Patrons. I’ll do this inverted pyramid style if you’d rather not read a wall of text about my life. Hell, I’ll make you a list of the important stuff.

  1. I’m not dying (that I know of); I don’t seem to have MS as I feared, either, or any related auto-immune disorder
  2. Still afflicted with this chronic, undiagnosed thing although it’s not as bad because I’ve done a ton of work on symptom control, trying everything from physical therapy to acupuncture to meditation
  3. Still seeing different doctors trying to figure it out as allowed by my financial situation
  4. The comic is not dead, or on hiatus, or in danger of any of these despite my increasingly frequent missed updates

So, no new page today (December 15th) as this weekend was my son’s birthday and I just kind of leaned into focusing on prepping for that and the holidays in general. I started a page, but I didn’t even manage to finish the line art so I’m just going to save it for next week as I had guests yesterday and will again today. I’ll try to get up a page of Cutter & Ironwood for Patrons tomorrow, though; I’ve got one in the pipeline most of the way done. I’ve been taking more commissions and freelance work again than I have for years (largely to help with medical bills), and, to be honest, I’m also taking it easier than I used to.

In October of next year (2020) I’ll have been doing this comic for an unthinkable 10 years. It was never my intention to do the entire thing a page a week over such an incredible span, and I’m gobsmacked that some of you have followed me this entire journey. I’m now so close to finished I promise it’ll require total incapacitation, or damn near, for me not to finish at this point. Being a parent is my main priority, but NTO, and you, are also up there. I do apologize for the slow updates this past year, especially around the holidays, and especially to Patrons and backers, but I’ve given this comic, and you, a lot of myself, and hope you’ll understand the need to avoid flaming out so close to the finish line. This has meant the world to me.

Happiest holidays, friends. Thanks for all your well wishes and support.