I’m sorry to say there’s no new page this week. Next Town Over’s first missed update! That’s some kind of important milestone for a comic, isn’t it?

Sorry about the hiccup — two Tuesdays ago (the 18th) I went into labor with our son, who was born pretty smoothly the next morning. We were slated to be released from the hospital Friday, into the wake of that huge winter storm you saw on the news, but the little guy became dangerously jaundiced and needed phototherapy. We were ultimately let go Christmas Eve[ning] with a home phototherapy unit, but between the holiday and subsequent doctor visits and the basic business of exhaustion and confundity that accompanies new parenthood this week’s Genevieve page just didn’t get done.

While I was out, though….

The NTO Kickstarter went crazy, hitting its funding goal and its first stretch goal and with a week left on the clock. I cannot thank everyone who pledged enough, and if you haven’t yet may I suggest betting on a sure thing and snagging one of the clothbound, limited hardcovers?

The last two weeks have been surreal and overwhelming for me; I’m sorry about the missed update but I’m also feeling pretty justified and pretty confident you folks understand.