SnoikeBut is it the end of Ben Hemlocke? Probably, but not necessarily. Meanwhile he lives on in song and legend. Okay, well, he lives on in this fab drawing by Jon Cairns, at least, that majorly uplifted my week.

I was also pretty happy about all the mentions NTO has gotten this week: at The Big Crunch, at Perceive the Unseen, and most notably at the Webcomic Overlook, where El Santo wrote a really entertaining review and then followed it up with almost as much musing in the comments section. I very much appreciate the feedback and the exposure, folks.

So as promised, Next Town Over’s 4th chapter, Baron’s Crossing, starts next Saturday. Other obligations and my life in general kind of got in the way of amassing the insane buffer I’d hoped to while Snake was running but you’ll see no interruption of service anytime soon, either.

It was always the plan to bundle the first 4 chapters into a TPB and/or a small hardcover. I’d like to do it without using a PoD service but the sales I’ve historically done wouldn’t support a real printer by a longshot. I may need your help, which probably means the first of many NTO Kickstarters is in the near future.  If you happen to have recently printed a book yourself I’d love to hear who you went with and how you liked them; I intend to get quite a few quotes before gauging the feasibility of funding this with Kickstarter.

Thanks, folks!