Sorry I’ve been so quiet, folks! The holidays and the baby have kept me busy, as have a few projects I think you’ll eventually be interested in, chief among them the tentatively-titled Poor Wayfaring Strangers anthology, which you sampled with Gustav’s Grinning God short.

There have been a few requests in the comments for wallpaper-sized versions of some of the panels from this book, so I’m obliging with panels from pages 2 & 3, which people seemed to particularly enjoy. I warn you! These are pretty rough and ugly, in my opinion, at these huge resolutions; they were meant to be tiny.

 2014-02-08-Redridge-Express-Wallpaper-1 2014-02-17-Redridge-Express-Wallpaper-2

… Yes, I’m charging for them (although of course they’re available for free for Grubstakers). But try not to look at it is paying for the wallpaper; see it instead as a donation to keep the comic going. If all NTO’s regular readers donated just $1 a month my family and I could be living off the comic and I’d have, as a result, way more time to work on it and even more projects that’d doubtless be relevant to your particular interests.

Hope this February finds all of you well!