Update: the Pretty Good Package has sold out. Huge thanks to everyone who bought one.

Good things come to those who wait. If you haven’t already bought NTO books 1 and 2 in some way, shape or form now’s your chance: I’ve decided to steal another idea from Alpha Flag and now you’ve got another avenue to buy the books and help me out in an even bigger way.

I’m selling a limited number of books 1 and 2 together, independent of IndyPlanet so I can sign them for you, make them out to your “niece” or whatever, and include a pretty neat pack-in: an original sketch card of a Next Town Over character of your choosing.

All shipping and handling costs are included in the price of the package. Get ’em now: I can’t afford to keep a ton of books on hand. Maybe you could help with that?

NTO Books 1& 2 Pretty Good Package