I’ve really fallen behind on the whole blogging/updating thing, partly for lack of NTO-relevant things to share, partly for distraction with other goings-on. The usual fonts of excuses have converged in a savory newsbite for a change, though, rather than just contributing to the ongoing neglect: as you may have seen via Twitter, I’ve thrown in with DRAWMORE INC. and their new, annual anthology project, NOBODIES. This was mostly because Jon Cairns was doing it and my life is pretty much a protracted quest to be as cool as he is.

So what’s this got to do with Next Town Over? Seemingly not a lot, but my NOBODIES contribution, SNAKE, is a comic, and it is a Western, so I figure there’s a fair-to-middlin‘ chance it’s somewhat germane to your interests.

It’s definitely looking NTO-ish thusfar:

Hemlocke and Dodge