I hate when non-software types (like myself) call their prototypical flailings a “beta”, but I think it’s probably the most succinct description possible of the Next Town Over Grubstaker program in its current form.

At the beginning of the year I talked about this plan for a better, alternate track for donations and my showing appreciation therefor: at the time I figured I’d have it up by February. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and I just looked around and realized it was June and that I’d probably better get on this.

Presently, there’s not much new there to recommend the program, but I’ve sent out some invites to folks who’ve already been extraordinarily supportive, financially, to take a gander at what is. Currently, Grubstakers ($5 donors) get access to pinups, wallpapers and supporting cast dossiers (which are pretty in-depth and feature new art; unfortunately I’ve only done one of these so far). Goldstakers ($25+ donors) get access to all of this plus free downloads of all PDFs and CBZs (including future volumes, as they become available), and periodic sneak peaks at the Next Town Over novelization, which is pretty early along in its development but I happen to think is pretty interesting.

For now, I can’t in good conscience try to sell you on how awesome the Grubstaker site is and how you really need to buy in, but it is there, and I’ll keep you apprised as it fills in, and if you were thinking of donating in the immediate future, anyway, you might want to go that route and help out with the pilot.

Thanks, folks! Your support is the reason I can continue to do this.