There’re two new pinups in the super secret donor gallery! Okay, one’s been there awhile; I snuck it up months ago, but regardless, I can’t sit on these anymore. The cozy sepia one’s brand spanking new, courtesy of Watcher of Yaathagggu creator Robyn Seale, and the second, another amazing take on Vane in the Whiskey Bend environs, comes from Backwood Folk‘s Gustav Carlson (who’s selling a great new compilation). It’s just too rad seeing other folks’ interpretations of Next Town Over’s principals.

Now’s a great time to donate and check these out, along with all the older stuff by Alpha Flag‘s Jon Cairns, Reign in Hell‘s Sef Joosten and NTO’s very own sometimes-flatter (and my kid sister), Cate Mehlos.

All that said, I realize the donate-look-at-pinups machinery isn’t ideal; I’m also aware I haven’t posted much in terms of blogging/bonus material. Partially I’m just real behind schedule, but I’m also working on another whole site just for donors, that’ll let anyone who puts a dollar or more in the hat get a gander at all the pinups and new, exclusive wallpaper. My current thinking is that more stalwart supporters wanting to go above and beyond and donate $25 or more will get access to excerpts from my working draft of the NTO novelization (yes, this is a thing) as well as free downloads of all NTO CBZs and PDFs — including all future issues. And yes, I’ll be grandfathering in past donors.

So, what do you think of that?

2011 was a great year for NTO; the comic’s grown from utter obscurity to fairly well-receieved middlin’ obscurity. No, really, it’s grown a decent-sized following, and I’m confident things are going to continue getting better in 2012. Here’s hoping your things, do, as well — couldn’t have done it without you.