Jon is, and a good thing, too, because otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed the print NTO being chosen as a pick of the week at Ka-Blam, nor would I have cottoned to Kris Straub of Chainsawsuit/Starslip/Blamimations/Webcomics Weekly fame plugging both NTO and Alpha Flag.

Wang dang doodle of a past coupla weeks, indeed. Flashback time:

Vane with her old "V" Volcanics

Straight rip-offs of the old Volcanic repeating pistol, with [what would prove to be] uncharacteristic monograms. Later I stuck brass widgets all over them higgledy-piggledy and called it “clockwork semi-automation” because the Volcanic started showing up more and more and the design didn’t seem particularly exotic in and of itself. Entertainingly, once I got away from fairly faithful reproductions of an actual, historical firearm, people stopped trying to tell me “guns weren’t like that then!”

Thanks, folks.