So that’s it for Baron’s Crossing. Given how much of a rush I had to draw most of it in and given how light it is on character history I can’t say it’s been a personal favorite, but we got through it. Together. In any case I think you’ll find chapter 5, Wayward, slumps heavily in the opposite direction.

Print versions of #4 should go on sale in the near future and I’ll be doing the usual Pretty Good Package type deals; I’ll let you know.

The interim content poll overwhelmingly favored a short story with quicker art for the break, and while I don’t have a page ready to go for next week I have something in mind and don’t see any issue with getting it out there.

Speaking of deadlines, the important stuff: today’s the last day of the Art Contest, and apparently more of you are like me and leave things till the last minute than I thought: the number of entries almost doubled in the past day. Don’t worry though — when I said the deadline was the 20th I meant you have today to get them in, as well, and I intend to give you the whole day. I’ll be hemming and hawing over the results tomorrow night, and posting all the entries and announcing a winner on Monday. I am really dreading picking a winner; as I said elsewhere I almost wish I just had the one again, now, so I wouldn’t have to decide. As much as I’m not looking forward to choosing, though, I am looking forward to sharing these. I’ve been pleasantly surprised not only by people’s effort and creativity but that folks actually took me up on forms other than 2D visual art. Spectators will not be disappointed.