With the conclusion of Whiskey Bend comes good news and bad news. The bad news is Next Town Over proper — that is to say, the story of Mr. Hunter and Ms. Black — won’t be continuing next week, or in fact for two months. My buffer is so eroded by recent commitments that I’ve decided it needs rebuilding before I jump into posting book 4, which I’ve currently only got a handful of pages done on. The good news is you can still come here weekly for a western yarn: I’ll be running the 8-page short, SNAKE, from last year’s NOBODIES anthology, in NTO’s place. Thematically it should dovetail in right nice. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy it: I’d hate for a break in the mainline story to scare you folks off, but I figure it’s better to sneak the intermission in here, between chapters, than mid-book somewhere when my diminished buffer inevitably runs out. With any luck this’ll allow me to get properly back on top of things and I can offer the completed #4 for sale much sooner than I was able to with #3.

Thanks for your patience and support!


The Management