So hey. No page this week. Between the holiday and my ongoing health stuff, which I’ve really only been talking about with Twitter and with Patreon and Drip supporters, I didn’t make time. Patrons and Drip supporters finally got new Cutter and Ironwood by way of apology; you just get a vague explanation about that health stuff:

This past week I saw a neurologist re: worsening numbness and pain in my hands, arms, neck, back and head. I had a kind of painful? EMG of most of my body, which showed nothing. Bloodwork he ordered, however, showed I have very high/positive ANA (antinuclear antibodies) and a very high sed rate, which, along with my worsening symptoms, point to an autoimmune disease like lupus or MS. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist who can hopefully make more of a determination but it isn’t until December 4.

It’s been really difficult to sit and work with my tingling, painful back, neck and head and stupid numb fingers, and it depresses me immensely, so I can’t make definite statements about my output in the immediate future. I have to try to do my son’s birthday party as normal, along with Christmas, while trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and if there’s anything to be done to make it less bad. I’ll do my best, but no promises.

Happy Holidays.