A few readers have said they wish they could actually read the story the Author is working on in Genevieve. It’d be super fun to write the whole Genevieve series, but having that kind of time is a distant fantasy — not to mention I’m not sure I could maintain the melodramatic 19th century pulp style I imagine the Author writes in.

In addition to the little descriptive paragraph that appears in the last two pages of the comic, though, I did write two more extremely short passages. The first appears in the almost-legible shots of text in the comic’s first few pages:

“Stranger I may be, woman, but if you value your life, open this door!” But the villain’s voice remained jagged as rusting iron. Hearing the lock turn over, he chuckled at his own clever success — until the door opened and the long, slim, glinting blade of a silver cutlass was thrust through the aperture with Genevieve behind it. Narrowly it slid past him as he danced out of the way.

“You are devilish independent and no mistake!” exclaimed the vampyr. “Still with a wolf on your scent would you spurn my protection?”

“It is hard, choosing ‘twixt the bite of a wolf and a serpent.” She tossed her raven tresses defiantly, renewing her grip on the blade. “I am yet mulling it over.”

The second appears when the Author, already in ghoulish receipt of his three gifts, runs out of paper once again:

“In a nutshell,” said Genevieve, “Reilly, Donner and the Duchess are all members of a gang of illicit blooddrinkers! They prey on youths right here in Red Fork, shipping the poor unfortunate souls abroad in casks, disguised!”

“So it would appear,” harrumphed the Sheriff. “They may have been the very crooks we have been hunting even as we investigated the murder of Tawny O’Neil!”

“The Duchess has proven herself a liar, and she most likely lied about being in the hansome cab with Donnor when he was killed.”

“Yes. We’ve evidence to that effect, most assuredly.”

An idea dawned on Genevieve’s porcelain features. She then remarked, in an eager tone: “Wait for me here, Randall: I’m off to test a theory!”