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PDFs of Next Town Over chapters and collections packed with backmatter not available online are available right here, below, as well as through Comixology and itch.io (bonus: check out my game dev forays at the latter!). Although the entirety of the comic proper is freely available online your purchase supports the comic and is greatly appreciated!

Ms. Black catches up to Mr. Hunter in small cowtown Lookback, where he’s attempting to win a seemingly significant piece of jewelry off heiress Veronique Dauterive.
Sun Prairie
Black cartjacks two muleskinners and attempts to blow Hunter away in aptly-named Sun Prairie, where a miscalculation has unfortunate consequences.
Whiskey Bend
Hunter is in the market for a new horse to outrun dauntless Diamonds, and makes off with a rancher’s outlaw stallion in rocky Whiskey Bend with Black in hot pursuit.
Baron’s Crossing
JHH tries to find a hot bath in picturesque river milltown Baron’s Crossing while Black devises a devastating new weapon.
Hunter briefly convalesces in forgotten, fever-ravaged Wayward, Black’s weaponry backfires, and diamonds are not forever.
24 pages (28 including covers & pinup by Jon Cairns)26 pages (32 including covers & bonus artwork by Sef Joosten and Cate Mehlos)24 pages (32 including cover by Eric Dagley and bonus artwork by Gustav Carlson, Casey Bieda & Robyn Seale)24 pages (28 including covers)24 pages (28 including cover by Eric Dagley and pinup by Ben Fleuter)
Redridge Express
Wherein separate designs on a train and its freight unite Black and Hunter on the railways.
Broken Sky
Black and Hunter make their way to frontier metropolis and geological wonder Broken Sky.
Diamondback Ridge
Hunter’s delve into a gold mine leads him to the affections of a local and Black brings down a short ton of cruel vengeance on all involved.
Via Dolorosa
Vane is confined and tormented by a Reverend Mother determined to exorcise her demons, and Hunter convalesces under the care of a Brother of the Blood.
Fort Fairbanks
The tenth chapter of Next Town Over finds Hunter looking to get caught for a change in order to make the acquaintance of a certain someone.
28 pages (32 including covers)36 pages (40 including covers)36 pages (40 including covers)37 pages (40 including covers)29 pages (34 including covers and extras)
Next Town Over Volume 1
This collection of the comic’s first four chapters chronicles the curious rivalry ‘twixt John Henry Hunter and Vane Black from Lookback through Whiskey Bend. Includes a slew of extras, including character and location guides, guest pinups, fan art and more.
Next Town Over Volume 2
A collection of the comic’s fifth through eighth chapters, chronicling the curious rivalry ‘twixt John Henry Hunter and Vane Black from Wayward through Diamondback Ridge. Includes a slew of extras, including character and location guides, fan art and more.
Poor Wayfaring Strangers
An anthology of frontier fantasy comic shorts and illustrations created by eight independent artists, featuring 7 stories & more from Erin Mehlos, Jon Cairns, Gustav Carlson, Rose Loughran, Robyn Seale, Laura Wilson, Dani Graves and Caroline & Graham Johnson.
168 pages, full color.188 pages, full color132 pages, full color.
A 70+ page PDF of early NTO sketches and conceptual materials, entirely made possible by Patrons (who still get free access to it!)
Hell’s Corners Volume 1
Support my current comic by catching up on this freshman foray! This snazzy collection of its first five chapters charts Jeff’s induction into the Rofocale Court Euchre Club and journey to Sargatanas Crossing, as well as charting my early growth as a sequential artist with a bunch of self-important commentary and extras. Caution: Hell’s Corners is considerably uglier, more offensive and less serious than NTO.
NTO Wallpaper pack 1
A collection of assorted wallpaper-sized images from Next Town Over. This is a great way to make a one time donation & give a little something back to the comic while getting a little something for yourself!
74 pages, full color.158 pages, full color except for Canto I, which isn’t and never was.13 images, 1080×1920.