The first book of the Other Project is now available, free to Patrons or $5 standalone on

At the lowest points of my personal meltdown at the start of 2022 I poured it all into writing this weirdo prose-comic fusion. It contains my nostalgia for OCTs of the 2000s, in which I met some of the more important friends of my life, it contains shards of my midlife meltdown, and it contains the semi-suppressed queerness that accounted for 90% of the meltdown. Visually it’s a deliberate throwback to how I once drew battle comics on web forums, to the black and white indies that had the most actual impact on the comic artist I became. It is an unashamedly stupid story, but working on it saved me at my lowest point (trite but true!) and it is now important to the fabric of my being in a way Next Town Over never was. It is also going places, places this first, experimentalish chapter doesn’t fully speak to, for better or worse. It is my melancholy over my age and the missed opportunities of my closeted life, snuck in between the sheets of what is going to be a very weird time. I’ve paused working on it to finally finish Next Town Over but after Next Town Over, this is one of the places I’m headed. While this first book gets an 18+ for content, it is not erotica. I cannot say the same for later chapters.