If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Patreon you may have missed this week’s saga, which is mostly scope creep on a bathroom tearout (rotten subfloor, cracked lead drain pipes & more!) and the tablet I’ve had for 8 years finally kicking the bucket Friday night. Replacement tablet’s on the way (and yesterday I rigged a sort of silly stopgap), but I put this week’s comic off until the last second — said Friday night (due to bathroom, finally getting PWS files to the printer, etc..) and the tablet situation sunk me. No page this week (generous Patrons got a page of their exclusive story I’ve been saving for just such an occasion, though) — which is super sad because a PWS superbacker was going to make their NTO debut in this one!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something pretty to look at, NTO’s old partner-in-crime, Alpha Flag, drawn by my good friend and partner-in-crime, Jon Cairns, is back!