So as promised in various places NTO Book 3 is now on sale digitally (print to follow at its characteristically slow pace; I’ll keep you apprised).

One of the most exciting things about this chapter is its cover, which was done by illustrator Eric Dagley.  He’s a standout act I don’t look forward to following: the Whiskey Bend cover is equally dramatic, foreboding and cerebral — not to mention cleverly emblematic of all the horse murder. Check out more of Eric’s work at his site, most especially his inimitable take on Kick Girl, a character of mine and Sef Joosten’s.

Oh and don’t forget to buy the comic! In addition to the rest of chapter 3 it also features art by Robyn Seale, Gustav Carlson and Casey Bieda.  Your continued support is the reason I can do this at all. Thank you kindly!