Ms. Black catches up to Mr. Hunter in small cowtown Lookback, where he’s attempting to win a seemingly significant piece of jewelry off heiress Veronique Dauterive.
Sun Prairie
Black cartjacks two muleskinners and attempts to blow Hunter away in aptly-named Sun Prairie, where a miscalculation has unfortunate consequences.
Whiskey Bend
Hunter is in the market for a new horse to outrun dauntless Diamonds, and makes off with a rancher’s outlaw stallion in rocky Whiskey Bend with Black in hot pursuit.
Baron’s Crossing
JHH tries to find a hot bath in picturesque river milltown Baron’s Crossing. Black devises a devastating new weapon.
Hunter briefly convalesces in forgotten, fever-ravaged Wayward, Black’s weaponry backfires, and diamonds are not forever.
Redridge Express
Wherein separate designs on a train and its freight unite Black and Hunter on the railways.
Broken Sky
Black and Hunter make their way to frontier metropolis and geological wonder Broken Sky.
Diamondback Ridge
Hunter’s delve into a gold mine leads him to the affections of a local and Black brings down a short ton of cruel vengeance on all involved.
Via Dolorosa
Vane is confined and tormented by a Reverend Mother determined to exorcise her demons while Hunter convalesces under the care of a Brother of the Blood.
Fort Fairbanks
The tenth chapter of Next Town Over finds Hunter looking to get caught for a change in order to make the acquaintance of a certain someone.
The Chimney
Hunter gains entree to a Suntouched bastion and an audience with its resident spirit, leaving him temporarily vulnerable to Black’s machinations.
Short End
An unlikely posse of wronged parties forms around a small, farflung cowtown while Black struggles to catch up and Hunter visits home.
The Tumbling JHH
An end?
Guest Comic:
Rough Week

Gus Carlson of Tourist Unknown fame illustrated this short Veronique Dauterive interstitial adventure.
Guest Comic:

Another short illustrated by Gus Carlson, Gun is something of a micro-origin story for Cutter of Cutter and Ironwood.
Intermission: Genevieve
A penny dreadful author makes an ill-considered deal to continue writing his heroine-muse’s adventures.
Two outlaws attempt to recover a hidden cache; betrayal ensues.
Golden Son
A Poor Wayfaring Strangers short: two brothers from opposite side’s of the Great War meet on the battlefield.
A remembered outing with John and Vane turns dangerous for a younger Diamonds.
Watering Hole
JHH tells the tale of his acquaintence with watering holes and a girl from his past.