If you’re a webcomics junkie with a particular penchant for westerns (or if you even just happened to glance at my PW ads the past week) then you’re already aware of Zombie Ranch, an instructional look at what to do with your zombies once the apocalypse is over (sell them to Suzie Zane, whose ranch gives “buzzard bait” a whole new shade of meaning), told through the lens of reality television. Unsurprisingly, it’s a great mechanic; these days I don’t think I’d bat an eye at Discovery plugging a show called “Zombie Ranch.”

The comic’s writer is Clint Wolf, who, in addition to sporting one of the most indomitable Christian names ever, has gone ahead and written an in-depth (and right glowing) review of Next Town Over.

Give it a read, and then paw through ZR’s archives. They (ZR’s artist is Clint’s wife, Dawn) update Wednesdays, giving you something to do while Jon/Renee and I are sitting on our hands.

Thank you kindly, Wolfs (Wolves?)!