I haven’t been blogging in these parts like I should; there’s been no Midweek Reminiscence, She Said Flatly, commentary on how bad I am at incorporating feedback, etc.. Sorry about that, folks. Real dull of me.

Paying the bills has been taking up a lot of my time recently, largely in the form of freelance illustration, which I’m always glad to do but of course it cuts down on the time I can pour into the comic. I should be out of the workload woods really soon, though, and once I’ve rebuilt my diminished buffer I have some ideas for actual midweek features, like short stories (prose only) about the, uh, wronged parties of Next Town Over, (i.e. Veronique Dauterive, Mark & Lawrence, etc..) probably [hopefully] accompanied by some quality wallpapers (I already started one; just haven’t had any time to put into it).

Meanwhile, we’ve about wrapped up the NOBODIES anthology: that’ll be available in the not-too-distant future. If you’re planning on intending NYCC, in fact, you should be able to pick up a copy there at booth 3040. I unfortunately won’t be attending, but Victor and a bunch of the DRAWMORE INC. crew will be on hand to sell you the book (which includes my story SNAKE and Jon Cairns‘ story SOIL) as well as print copies of NTO and Alpha Flag. Speaking of DRAWMORE INC., if you’re in a reading mood and you missed my linking it on Twitter, they had a pretty neat interview with me up there awhile back.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who’s bought the books in one form or another or been talking about the comic here or elsewhere: your support means a lot.

Oh, and, a quick reminder: PayPal donations in any amount made through the handy-dandy button on the right hand side of most pages here on the site grants access to a gallery of NTO pinups (there’s 4, currently) by my talented band of friends. Most of these are available in the back matter of the print & download versions of the comics, but just in case you wanted to check those out without overencumbering yourself….