Next Town Over fans have done a ton of the heavy lifting on this Kickstarter. I have noticed, and deeply appreciate. You guys are the best. You’ve gotten us (oh good grief I have to say it….) OVER 9000!!! We’re at 72%! If our remaining days are all as good as yesterday we can still smash our goal! If you haven’t pledged yet, I still have some specialty tiers available, including one remaining artist’s edition, an NTO cameo (!!!!) and a full color painted illustration commission.

Today, check out this sneak peek at Dani’s illustration, and read some heartfelt words from her about the project, life & loss.

There’s also one more way you can help: pledge to participate in a last-minute Thunderclap to get the word out Saturday morning about the last day of the PWS Kickstarter! Share, share, share, but most importantly, don’t forget to visit the link yourself and hit all those shiny buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! Thunderclap can greatly amplify our message when we’ll need it most!

EE, Jon, Gus, Laura, Dani, Rose, Robyn, Caroline & Graham